Watch nZk 003 on NicoNico!

Yes you can watch the concert live on Nico nico!

The link will stream the live of the 12th September which starts 6pm JST! Don’t miss it!

click here!

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6 thoughts on “Watch nZk 003 on NicoNico!”

  1. Awesome! I think you have to have to pay for premium to watch though. I’ll probably do so. Go Sawano!

  2. Just finished watching. It was great! Really wish I was there. Maybe next year at nzk004?
    Aimee speaking English to Sawano and the crowd was cute lol. And a pretty decent crowd size it seemed like. Really nice! Great performances all around. Bravo!

  3. Oh yeah, and the audience probably got to see mpi’s face clearly. The stream was a bit murky to see much on my end. lol

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