Sawano to compose for ‘Owari no Seraph’!

‘Owari no Seraph’ which will air in April 2015, will have music composed by notable Legendoor Composers; Sawano Hiroyuki, Asami Tachibana, Takafumi Wada and Megumi Shirashi!



One thought on “Sawano to compose for ‘Owari no Seraph’!”

  1. In the trailer, Sawano is credited as the music producer. I find that very interesting.

    So, aside from composing some songs alongside Tachibana, Wada, and Shiraishi (legendoor newcomer?), I’m made to assume he will be playing another role as well. I don’t know. I’m excited to see how this will turn out.

    Asami Tachibana’s style is a bit different from Sawano’s. Her songs tend to be pretty short. I do like some of her electronic ambient stuff that’s she’s done with Sawano and Yuuki Hayashi on certain dramas. And there is that beautiful song, “Hope”, from her youtube page. Really nice.

    I know Takafumi Wada best from the Suite Yuzai OST collab with Sawano. I say they mixed pretty well, though for me, Wada would have some good ideas going for a song, but not manage a strong melody to keep me hooked. I gotta say though, I just loved one of his songs from the drama “My Girl.” It’s the track called “Challenge.” So good. I thought it was a Sawano song when I first heard it.

    As for Megumi Shiraishi, I don’t know much about her. I tried to look her up, but I only found samples for some Drama she worked on long ago. I also watched a little bit of “Dear Sister” that she worked on with Tachibana recently. Sounded pretty good, from what I remember. Couldn’t tell who composed what though. lol

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