Sawano to compose for drama ‘Mare’

Sawano Hiroyuki will be composing for the drama titled ‘Mare’ which will air 30th March.


2 thoughts on “Sawano to compose for drama ‘Mare’”

  1. Very nice. I was wondering if his anime popularity would stop him from working on anymore live-action dramas.

    I wonder if the score will be more similar to Taiyou no Uta or Tokyo Tower. Beautiful and relaxing with some upbeat tunes here and there, and less bombastic and epic, of which his anime works called for.

    Looking forward to buying the OST, either way. Rock on, Sawano! 😀

    • I’m also really looking forward to it, in my opinion it’ll be pretty similar to Taiyou no Uta. I’ve always preferred his drama OSTs so I’m looking forward to this one!

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