Sawano leaves Legendoor Inc

As of July 2017, Sawano Hiroyuki’s management contract with Legendoor Inc has ended after 12 years.

It is believed that Sawano Hiroyuki will be under his own management. The new company, VV-ALKINE is assumed to be run by Sawano Hiroyuki.  We believe this change will NOT affect SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] and only affects Sawano’s soundtrack releases. We will provide further information on the new management as we receive it.
What does this mean for Kisetsu no Uta?
There have been questions regarding how this change will affect Kisetsu no Uta. KnU’s daily operations will continue to run as per usual, there will be no major impact to our activities. Please note that KnU has always been a separate entity to Legendoor and so this management change will not impact us. We will look forward to support the new management in future!
As usual thank you all for your continued support of Kisetsu no Uta and we hope you will embrace the change in Sawano Hiroyuki’s journey along with us!
– Musica_KP

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