About Sawano Hiroyuki

Name:澤野弘之(Sawano Hiroyuki)
Date of birth: 12 September 1980
Tokyo, Japan
Orchestral, Electronic, Rock, Jazz
Influences: Komuro Tetsuya, Hans Zimmer, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Hisaishi Joe
Years Active:
Official site: www.sawanohiroyuki.com













Sawano Hiroyuki is a Japanese composer most commonly know for producing music for Iryu-Team Medical Dragon and Gundam UC. He began playing piano in elementary school and from the age of 17 studied composition, arrangement, orchestration, and piano under Nobuchika Tsuboi.

He first became interested in music composition whilst in elementary school, the first album which he bought was the Dragon Quest OST. He started becoming interested in playing the piano from his elder sister and also by comments from his mother saying he has “lady-like fingers made for playing the piano!”.

He graduated from music school and from there sent demo tapes to various music publishers whom had little interest in composing background music. He then started to take part in music competitions and was hired by a music company, however he left this company in order to pursue his interest in composing for movies. He was eventually hired by Legendoor when the company was first established in 2006 with their goal being to recruit music composers and launching them into the industry. He was introduced to the president prior to the establishment of Legendoor, after hearing many samples by Sawano Hiroyuki, he was eventually the first artist to be established under Legendoor inc.
Sawano has provided music for various anime, drama and movies. He has also arranged tracks for other artists such as RIP SLYME, Akikawa Masafumi and more recently Aimer. His first solo album ‘Musica’ was released in 2009; the same year he held his very first live event to celebrate the release of his original album.