[nZk] Artists


Aimer is a Japanese recording artist signed to Defstar Records and part of the talent agency Fourseam. She made her major debut in September 2011.
She has collaborated with Sawano Hiroyuki on the Gundam Unicorn franchise, providing the theme song for episode 6 & 7. She is also the first vocalist to work with Sawano under his vocal group ‘SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]’.


Eliana is a half Brazilian and half Japanese vocalist and has provided her voice on various compositions. She has lent her vocals for the track 「emot1on」which was composed as part of a competition in which various music stores took part, where the prize was a special composition by Sawano to be used in their store.






Gemie first appears in the Owari no Seraph soundtrack, she is also known as ‘R!n’ and is originally from the Phillipines. Gemie first revealed her identity in 2016 at the [o1] celebration concert.










Jannina Weigel

Jannina is a 15 year old singer from Thailand. She has let her voice for the album [eMU] where she has sung a rendition of popular track Aesthetic (Team Medical Dragon).


Mica Caldito

Mica Caldito is a vocalist based in the phillipines and has done popular covers of various Sawano tracks. Sawano Hiroyuki first discovered him via his cover of Shingeki no Kyojin tracks in youtube. Mica was invited by the team to Japan in order to record music for the remaining of the Shingeki no Kyojin series, following which he has also lent his vocals for Owari no Seraph and o1.



Mizuki also known as Midori from the band Itsue (Disbanded as of November 2015). She is the first artist to release a single as part of the [Nzk] project. She has featured in the music for Aldnoah Zero and continues to work with Sawano on further [nZk] singles/albums.



Tielle was the winner of the 2015 talent search that was run by Legendoor. She currently resides in the US and travels to Japan to record and perform for Sawano Hiroyuki. Her first single release under [nZk] was Into the Sky which released in 2016.


Yosh is vocalist from the band Survive Said the Prophet, he first appears as part of the OP for Owari no Seraph and has also lent his vocals for the album o1.