Hayashi Yuuki (ゆうき)

Hayashi Yuuki used to be a rhythmic gymnast and produced music pieces for rhythmic gymnasts as a hobby. When he started getting requests from other universities for his music, his interest in music producing grew. This gradually led him to become a professional music producer for rhythmic gymnasts. Besides recognized for his work in commercial music and drama soundtracks, he is also known for his work in athletic competitions and independent movies.
Collaborated on: BOSS, Triangle

Tachibana Asami (橘麻美)

Tachibana Asami is also represented by Legendoor and studied music composition under Shinozaki Hideki. She recently worked with Hayashi Yuki on the soundtrack for ‘ROBOTIC;NOTES’.
Collaborated on: LINK

Yamada Yutaka (やまだ)

Yamada Yutaka graduated from the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and studied under Toshiyuki Watanabe. In 2009 he won the top prize at the Vienna Instruments Strings Arrangement contest. He Joined Legendoor in 2011 and as of 2013 has left the company.
Collaborated on: Marumo no Okite

Wada Takafumi (貴史和田)

Wada Takafumi is better known for providing game music and studied composition under Kuriyama Kazuki. In 2006 he established Dimension Cruise Records and continues to collaborate with Legendoor.
Collaborated on: BOSS, My Girl, Massugu na Otoko, Suite Yuuzai

Tokusashi Kengo (とくさしけんご)

Tokusashi Kengo has composed for various projects nationally and globally, more recently he worked on ‘Final Fnatasy XIII-2’. He won first place as a composer at the 20th Japanese Society for Contemporaty music and 10th place at the Tokyo International Chamber Music Composition Competition. He was also assigned as the Conductor during Gundam UC FILM & LIVE 2011 & 2012.
Collaborated on: Suite Yuuzai

Megumi Shiraishi (白石めぐみ)

Megumi Shiraishi is also represented by Legendoor and joined in 2014. She has previously worked on various soundtracks for Jdrama and songs for television shows. She has recently also started to compose music for Square Enix.
Collaborated on: Owari no Seraph, Mare

Kohta Yamamoto (山本康太)

Kohta Yamamoto has recently been appointed to Legendoor Inc. He started to compose in 2016 and studied under Yasutaka Mizushima.
Collaborated on: Ao no Exorcist Kyoto Saga