[nZk]002.5 and [nZk]003 live events!

NicoNico live event [nZk]002.5 on February 8th!

Great news for overseas fans, Sawano will be holding a live via NicoNico on February 8th,

Watch the live Nico stream here


[nZk]003 to be held September 12 & 13 2015!

Sawano’s next solo live, [nZk]003 will have two shows held on September 12 and 13th 2015! The live will take place once again at Zepp Tokyo.

Event details

3 thoughts on “[nZk]002.5 and [nZk]003 live events!”

  1. Hey, KnU. Isn’t the live stream event on February, the 8th (Sunday)?

    The ‘http://www.sawanohiroyuki.com/information.html#live_nzk003’ website says it’s on the 8th from 21:00 to 22:30 JST, although, underneath it says [タイムシフト視聴期間:7日] which I think is saying the time shift viewing period is 7 days on Nico Nico, meaning you can watch the broadcast from 30 minutes to 7 days after it ends. More info on Nico Nico’s time shift here: http://help.nicovideo.jp/live_en/2013/06/305what-is-a-timeshiftwatch-period.html

    I clicked “time shift” on the Nico site just in case, but I intend to watch live.

    Nico Nico’s site was saying from “Feb/07/2015 (SAT) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00”, but once I logged on, it corrected the time to “Feb/08/2015 (SUN) Opens: 20:50 Starts: 21:00.”

    Which is 7 AM Sunday morning for me (USA, East Coast).

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