Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn SP Interview

Source: Gundam Unicorn Official site

Translated by: Crimsondramon



  • How did you feel when you were offered to do the music for “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”


To me, concerning Gundam works, being able to do its score is like a dream for me. During my high school period, the TV would show the Mobile Suit Gundam theatrical films from time to time. It has been 20 years since that time and I’m still fascinated by its original yet deep contents. At that time, I hoped that “When I become a good composer, I’ll be able to take part in Gundam related work”.  The music that I compose for myself usually has a pretty loud focus (laughs) and I was beginning to think it had an alien like presence to it.

When I did get the offer though, I was more surprised than pleased actually.


  • When you saw the completed film, how did you feel?


In any case, I was drawn into the intensity of the film. To be frank, I didn’t know how big the scale was when I heard it was going to be an OVA, but I was overwhelmed when I saw the finished product (of Episode 1), and it was then that I felt I was a part of this really great project. I really like the music used for the battle scene at the beginning (MOBILE SUIT) and there was this exquisite feeling as to how the score and animation synchronised perfectly. It was one of my favourite scenes.

And more than anything else, to see my music and the Gundam world that I very much longed to work with come together as one, I felt all sorts of emotions. While I was a little embarrassed I was thoroughly moved from start to end. (laughs)

It became a personal thing when at the end of my 20’s I became involved with “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” and I felt very happy to be able to take part in it.


  • Please tell us some of your favourite tracks

I put a lot of emphasis on the main theme that plays during the Unicorn start up scene (UNICORN). I put in about the same effort for Banagher’s theme too.

Concerning the 12th track on the OST, ON YOUR MARK, a piano solo version was used during the scene where Banagher and Micott were talking. When the OST came together it became an Orchestra Version.

At the stage greeting I mentioned that the song was produced in my own image about the world of Gundam 5 years ago. At that time when I have yet to take part in the animation version, I worked on this piece with this muffled hypothesis. (Concerning the Gundam world) I created this piece with this wild delusion of the Gundam world in my dreams, so I really like this track.

If someday I was able to work with that world, I want it to be used in a warm place, and then when I received word about Unicorn I said that “You cannot afford not to use this!” and my tension increased. When the orchestral recording was taking place and it was finished, it became a song with deep meaning to it.

  • Last but not least, please leave a message for your fans.

This time, in order to create the music of Gundam UC, a sufficient enough production periods was given and it was possible to compose each song with a lot of effort. It became an important piece of music in my life. Nonetheless, that is not overly self-satisfactory or self-congratulatory of me. Whether you recall Episode 1 by listening to the soundtrack or imagine how a future scene would play out by listening to said soundtrack, I would appreciate that you would enjoy listening to it in a variety of ways.

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