About KnU

Welcome to the Sawano Hiroyuki fan site, where everyone who loves his music can come together to enjoy, discuss, and learn!

Here is a little background about how this site came about – Kayt had been tweeting about finally listening to Guilty Crown’s and Ao no Exorcist’s OST when mKp happened upon her tweet and replied, thus beginning an awesome friendship! Over the next few weeks, the two would talk excitedly about Sawano’s work until one day, Kayt commented how awesome it would be if they created a fansite for Sawano, as it was a shame he didn’t have one already. During their discussions, Kurotsuki provided them his support. Eventually ‘Kisetsu no Uta’ was born on September 12th 2012, Sawano Hiroyuki’s birthday!

We also have an official logo as shown below! Thank you to Dissaperiance from our alliance over at Baidu for creating a beautiful logo!



Kisetsu no Uta Team

Interested in joining our ever growing team? Email us at info@kisetsu-no-uta.com


Kajitha[mKp] (United Kingdom)


mKp (Musica_KP) is one of the founders of KNU. She is most commonly know as ‘THE Sawano Hiroyuki fangirl’ or ‘Sawano Wikipedia’ throughout twitter. mKp has been a fan of Sawano since the release of Maou back in 2008 and has followed him ever since, watching Animes/JDramas solely because he composed the music. What she loves about Sawano is the way he is able to speak through his music, capture our imagination, and make us feel like children again. She would love to experience his music live sometime in the future. She hopes Sawano will continue to gain recognition in Japan and someday gain international recognition. She now also has direct communication with Sawano Hiroyuki and team!

Kurotsuki (Canada)

It was a very hot, humid and rainy summer of 2008. That summer, he had acquired two soundtracks from an anime that aired the year before: Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula. For reasons he can’t explain, he ended up listening to that soundtrack that whole summer. It seemed that it was pretty much the perfect soundtrack for the weather at the time. It was during that summer that he realized that he was in love with the music composed by Sawano. It wasn’t the first time he had heard his work, but it was the first time that he started noticing it. He realized he needed to hear more from him so he acquired the soundtrack for the TV drama Maou and was not disappointed. The next year, Sawano was slated to compose for the anime adaptation of the game Sengoku Basara, which Kurotsuki was more than happy about. He would then go on composing for some of Kurotsuki’s favorite franchises (Gundam) and his love for Sawano’s music only increased. It’s been a great 4 years ride, and he only looks forward to more.

Kayt (United States)

Kayt was introduced to the world of Japanese dramas through the OP song in the anime Bakemonogatari in the summer of 2009. From there, two of the first dramas she watched were Maou and Iryuu – Team Medical Dragon. After listening to both soundtracks for days on end, she discovered that Sawano Hiroyuki had a hand in both and that’s when she became a fan. Normally, the soundtrack of a title acts as a support – intended to affect the viewer in tandem with the story of the show. What she loves most is Sawano’s ability to evoke an emotional reaction through a musical piece without the listener needing to view its original source. With only 6 years since his debut, Kayt believes Sawano only has more good things to show in the future.


Team Members

Crimsondramon (Singapore)

Crimsondramon from Singapore is, like everyone else, a Sawano Hiroyuki fan. Ever since falling in love with the score of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, he has been a huge supporter of Sawano’s work from then onwards. He joins us as a translator and will be doing his best to translate interviews and videos featuring Sawano Hiroyuki and/or artists affiliated to him currently.

Daniel Smith (United States)



Fidelia (Indonesia)

Fidelia first discovered Sawano’s music in 2013 through her senior. Starting from Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist, Aldnoah Zero, and so onn she enjoys watching anime and always watches those that have soundtracks composed by him. What she loves most about Sawano’s music is the arrangements, the epicness, and the feelings in his music. She joins to to manage our Instagram page and support on social media interactions between fans across the world.


Kirasuke (Sweden)

Kirasuke first came to like Sawano Hiroyuki’s work when he heard the soundtrack for Sengoku Basara. The epic style really caught Kirasuke’s attention, but it wasn’t until he heard the soundtrack for GUILTY CROWN that Kirasuke became a hardcore fan. He watched anime series, drama series and movies just because he heard Sawano composed the scores for them. Now 7 years later… he still does the same thing. Kirasuke hopes Sawano will keep doing what he does best and get the recognition he deserves. Kirasuke joins us to keep fans updated on all the latest Sawano news.

Alliance Members


Virgil Jiang (China)

Virgil joins us as our Chinese translator and also our representative for the Chinese Sawano fanbase. He first discovered Sawano through Gundam UC, after which he discovered his music for Taiyou no Uta and Guilty Crown. Finally in 2011 he became a Sawano fan after listening to further compositions made for Gundam UC. He joins us to enhance the communication between ourselves and the Chinese fanbase and promote Sawano Hiroyuki!

Dmitriy Slepsov (Russia)

Dmitry is the founder of the Sawano Hiroyuki VK community in Russia.  He first discovered Sawano through the music for Ao no Exorcist but was further impressed by the music provided for Shingeki no Kyojin. He has always had an interest in background music and he later went on to listen to Guilty Crown and Musica. He joins us as part of our alliance to further improve communication between the global Sawano fans.

MBgov1133 (Australia)

MB came across Sawano plenty of times before he became a fan, but didn’t really pay attention to his music until he was announced to be doing the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack. It wasn’t until after he looked into his anime works (The Seven Deadly Sins, Aldnoah.Zero, Blue Exorcist, etc.) that he became a big fan. He was really impressed by the XenobladeX, Gundam Unicorn and Mare soundtracks and has been a big fan since. He runs the Sawano Hiroyuki Discord Fan Server, an online chat for fans of Hiroyuki Sawano and joins us in order to create a bigger and more interactive community for Sawano fans.