Interview with Yosh Morita

We had the honour of holding an interview with Yosh Morita, one of Sawano’s newest vocalists. Once again thank you to all the fans that submitted questions. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold a video interview so the answers are below!


 1. Could you please introduce yourself

Hajimemashite to all of the Kisetsu No Uta readers. I am Yosh one of the male singers of the nZk project and a full time singer in a rock band called “Survive Said The Prophet”

2. The track ‘scaPEGoat’ is the first track which you have collaborated with Sawano Hiroyuki. Can you tell us how you met and received the opportunity to collaborate with him?

I got a call from my manager a week before I met Sawano about how he was looking for a new rock male vocalist for the song “scaPEGoat”. He apparently came across my band’s music and thought I was a good fit. One thing led to another, I was invited to record vocals for the ending theme song of Owari no seraph!

3. How was your experience of recording with Sawano Hiroyuki?

It is such an honor to work with Sawano Hiroyuki, I was nervous in the beginning. From what I read, he was as nervous as I was assuming some punk is gonna come to the studio to sing on his track.(lol) Jokes aside he really opened up my eyes on how to use my voice in ways I never thought I could.

4. Have you seen Owari no Seraph (scaPEGoat was the ED for this anime)?

Yeah! I read the manga first so it took a lot of patience waiting for the new episodes. I stopped watching after I started going on tour though…. I should catch up! Haha

5. Do you have a favorite Sawano song or score?

I’m a big big Aimer fan. I started off finding out about nZk tracks through the songs Sawano did with Aimer. One of my favorite would definitely be s-AVE.

6. If you could collaborate with any of Sawano’s vocalists, who would you pick and what kind of song would you like to do?

I would say Aimer. I can imagine a rainy piano ballad with her would be an amazing collaboration experience!

7. How did you learn to speak English so fluently?

Both of my parents went to high school and bits of college in the states, so I grew up speaking both Japanese and English. I also went to an international school in Japan and Uni in the states.

8. Outside of working with Sawano, what else can we find Yosh doing?

As I mentioned in my introduction, I sing for a band called Survive Said The Prophet, and that is my main music project.

9. What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t involved in music?

I don’t know… Fall in love? Lol
I can see myself getting into all sorts of trouble without music… Thank God for music….. I’ll just leave it at that haha

10. You have done many lives across Japan and recently you were also involved in nZk 003, can you tell us how different the experience was compared to your other live performances?

Not having my members from Survive Said The Prophet gets nerve wrecking sometimes, but the band and Sawano always pull me into the music to a point where I get lost in the moment. The calibre of the stage and production is so different from the underground scene I am use to as well.

11. Lastly do you have any words you would like to say to your fans?

Big shout out to all the Kisetsu No Uta readers and nZk fans for the support and love and welcoming me with big arms and open heart! It’s an amazing experience being a part of this family sharing this musical journey with you all!

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