KnU Exclusive: Joint interview with mpi & Benjamin Anderson

Kisetsu no Uta have the honour of holding a joint interview with Benjamin Anderson and the mysterious mpi! We want you fans to take part! Have a burning question you’d like to ask these two gentlemen? Then this is your chance!

Email us at with:


Please take note that we will not be accepting questions which would expose mpi’s real identity – please refrain from asking the obvious “Who is mpi?”

Deadline for entries: Monday 6th October

3 thoughts on “KnU Exclusive: Joint interview with mpi & Benjamin Anderson”

  1. Hello. Thank you for this interview, I waited for a long time =D
    Can we ask more than one question ?

  2. Hello,

    generally people dont know much about them,and hardly anything details could be found on the net too. it be good if you could provide some bio or background story of them, or maybe recap of their collaboration with sensei. much easier to ask question when we know something.

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