Happy 2nd anniversary KnU!

This year we celebrate two years since we first launched Kisetsu no Uta, what started as a three member team has now grown into a group of 7! This year we formed an alliance with the Russian Sawano Hiroyuki fan group and welcomed Dmitry into our team. A few months back we welcomed Crimsondramon who is now working as our translator, you will see the hard work he has done very soon!Thank you once again to my wonderful KnU family for working hard from the day you’ve joined us! We’ll have to find a way to celebrate together even if we’re not all on the same continent!

Thank you to Sawano’s team who have given us our blessings, as well as all the vocalists and musicians that have supported us. We hope that through Kisetsu no Uta, we can promote not only Sawano Hiroyuki but also the people behind the music! The vocalists and the musicians are an integral part of Sawano’s work and so we hope to be able to support you as much as we support Sawano.

In the coming year we hope to organise more exclusive interviews as we have in the past, due to busy schedules we were not able to bring you new interviews this year, but we hope to make up for it in future!

Thank you to all the Sawano Hiroyuki fans across the world who have been supporting us and taking part in our activities. Without you KnU would not be what it is today! I hope you’ll continue to support us and in return we hope to provide you content that you wish to see here! The KnU team is forever growing so if you are ever interested in joining us, please feel free to reach out to us!

Once again, on behalf of the Kisetsu no Uta team, I thank you all very much! Cheers to another Sawanoistic year!

– Musica_KP

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