Happy 1st Anniversary KnU!

As it’s Kisetu no Uta’s first birthday today it’s only right that I write a little message as leader of the group!

When we first started up the website last year none of us ever imagined that it would be so successful! Although we may not be hugely known amongst the Sawano Hiroyuki fanbase yet we still can’t believe the achievements that we’ve had in such a short space of time! We never imagined that our little site would get recognised by Artists that have worked with Sawano and Legendoor Inc themselves! We never imagined that in a year we’d already be able to provide you with exclusive contents, such as our fan interview with the awesome David Whitaker, nor did I ever think that I would become Sawano’s little messenger!

None of this would have happened without the support and dedication from the KnU team, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Kurotsuki and Kayt for working hard on this project since day 1, without you guys we wouldn’t have made it this far! Also thank you to our members Virgil and Gane who we formed an alliance with this summer and who have actively promoted KnU to the Chinese fan groups and took part in making our projects a success, let’s continue to work hard together! Huge thank you to Legendoor’s President, Sound Engineer Ojjy, David Whitaker, Aimee Blackshlegger, Tachibana Asami and of course Sawano Hiroyuki for supporting us and giving KnU their blessings! Last but not least, a great big thank you to you, the fans for supporting us along the way, without you there would be no point to Kisetsu no Uta so I thank you for keeping us motivated to continue running this site! We all hope that you will continue to support us for years to come.

We’ll continue to work hard on making Kisetsu no Uta the place to come to for all International Sawano Hiroyuki fans! Here’s to another successful year, Kampaii!

– Musica_KP (mKp)

6 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary KnU!”

  1. Question: Why do you keep using Sawano Hiroyuki when he prefers for his name to be romanized in western order (Hiroyuki Sawano)? It’s also inconsistent with the rest of the site since all the other artists are listed in western order (except Yuki Hayashi for some reason).

    • haha I hadn’t even noticed, I’m used to calling him Sawano Hiroyuki!
      Not sure where you heard that he likes his name in western order but yeah good spot!

      • Sorry for late reply.

        I say that because that’s how it’s romanized on his website, Legendoor, his soundtrack covers/credits. His website domain is sawanohiroyuki.com but a Whois lookup shows that he registered it himself as Hiroyuki Sawano.

        • yeah I noticed that afterwards, as you might have noticed the team have worked through the site and have made the changes, thanks for noting that to us!

  2. Random probably said that because most (all?) of Sawano;s soundtracks romanized his name in Western order. I could be wrong though.

    Pretty much every Japanese composer I know, when they have their name romanized on the soundtrack cover or anywhere else, has their name written in Western order. On the Triangle OST, Yuki Hayashi has his name written in western order as well.

    Of course, in the Gigantic Formula OST, Sawano:s name is written as 澤野弘之 (Sawano Hiroyuki) as one would expect.

    So if I had to guess, I would think Sawano and most of the Legendoor guys probably thinks its just natural to have their name in Western order when spelled in the lovely A-B-C alphabet.

    In other news, I haven:t really heard anything from Asami Tachibana yet. Looking forward to correcting that when the Links OST comes out. Hope she:s good. Hopefully CDJapan carries it. 😀

    Oh yeah, and…

    Woohoo! Happy 1st anniversary Kisestu no Uta! So happy you guys have given Sawano an English website.

    • I think you’re right! As you might have noticed the team have worked through the site and have made the changes, thanks for noting that to us!

      Asami has a lot more works coming out towards the end of this year, i’m also looking forward to hearing how her combination works in LINK. CDJapan do have it available for pre-order, the link is in the relevant news article if you’re interested. 😉

      Thank you very much! I hope we’ll continue to live up to your expectations! Do feel free to nag if you see something else that doesn’t seem right, it helps us to improve the site 😀

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