A public online chat for Sawano fans!

Interested in talking to other people who are interested in Hiroyuki Sawano’s music? Well there’s now a public Discord chat for those interested!

Kisetsu-no-Uta has affiliated with the Sawano Hiroyuki Discord Fan Server to bring up a public forum to talk all things Sawano Hiroyuki!

The chat is a community for Sawano fans, however the topic of discussion isn’t locked to Sawano only. There are different text channels for different topics, but you can really talk about anything.

If you’re unaware, Discord is a messaging and voice chat application. You can use the app or web browser to access. You can download an application for your computer, and create an account to use the application at https://discordapp.com.

A quick rundown of the rules of the chat (you can see these rules within the chat itself if you need to):

1. Don’t Spam.
2. Don’t bully.
3. Try to keep the topics within the respective channel.
4. Don’t Spoil.
5. Don’t ask for a staff rank.
6. Cursing/swearing is fine, just try not to do it in excess.
7. No NSFW content. At all.
8. Don’t post anything *disturbing* or *screwed up* in all chats.
9. Differences in opinions are good, just keep things civil. We want to avoid hostility in this chat.
10. If there is leaked information about a video game or anime, for example, it must be kept within #spoilers. This does not apply to leaked music, as you cannot describe a song with words, but you must not link any downloads to leaked music, as the following rule applies.
11. Do not post any download links for any of Sawano’s albums in chat. This applies to all music and other media as well. I know we all love his music, but please support the artist through buying their albums on websites like http://www.cdjapan.co.jp or https://www.amazon.co.jp.

If you’re interested in joining, please click the following link to join the server:


Hope to see you all there!

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