12Taisen Theme song by Sawano Hiroyuki x Do as Infinity!

Following on from “To Know You” which was produced with “Do As Infinity” the 3rd single ” Incarnation Beast “will be released!
This song will be used as the ending theme of TV animation “12 Taizen”. The single will release on the 6th December 2017!


M1. Incarnate Beast
M2. New Song
M3. Imai Beast – TV Animation “12Taizen” ED ver. –
M4. Incarnate Beast (Instrumental)
M5. New Song (Instrumental)

Incarnate Beast – Music Video-


Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle “Cage” unveiled!

Sawano Hiroyuki[nZk] is in charge of the theme song for ‘The Full Scale Unicorn Gundam Statue’, which is displayed at Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Festival Square from September 24! It was announced at the special ceremony for the Grand Opening and performed for the first time!

Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: Tielle “Cage” released will be announced at a later date!