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Gundam UC OST 4 releases May 21st!!

Finally the news we’ve been waiting for! Gundam UC Original Soundtrack 4 by Sawano will be released May 21st 2014! It will be released as a two part disc!

The second disc will feature the re-arranged version of “EGO” and “A Letter” from the Reading & live event in 2012, it will also include “Sternengessang” and feature remastered versions of some of the most notable tracks from OST 1 – 3!

It has also been decided that OST 1 – 3 will be redistributed in high quality version! (higher than the regular CD quality) This will also start to be distributed in May 2014, if that wasn’t enough, look forward to a PV which will collaborate the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry shown in the series! We’ll announce more details as we receive it.

A must have for the Gundam UC OST fans!

– 黒月 edit :

Regarding the redistribution of OST 1 – 3; it appears they will be high quality streams.

It’s officially titled : 「機動戦士ガンダムUC Sound Track in High-Resolution Audio」




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